About Us

Spartork is essentially a jewellery store , but hey, we like to do things differently here. How? By doing everything boldly, creatively & passionately and never limiting ourselves! Driven by our ambition we embarked on this journey as a female-led family-run jewellery in the summer of 2011, and to this day a touch of summer is part of the Spartork all year round.

As sparkling connectors, we are committed to offering affordable Dutch jewellery design that is accessible and wearable for everyone and we are so proud of the company we are today. Over the years the development of our signature Spartork has taught us many lessons, all of which have made us even more ambitious than ever before. By learning on every step of our journey, and being inspired by your needs and wishes, we’ve expanded our collections to include clothing, beauty and lifestyle products, the creative process for which is kept entirely in-house. From sketching to (print) design, photo shoots to modelling and everything in between.

“Spartork is here to celebrate life with you”

We believe you can accomplish anything with optimism and a powerful attitude, and are always looking for the moments that make life meaningful. We want to encourage you to embrace the ongoing celebration of life, to cherish the small moments that make life precious, and to realise that life is so much more beautiful when you’re the best version of yourself. Our goal is to dress you up in the most effortless and attainable way, so you can sparkle throughout the daily celebration of your life and seal those precious moments together with us. Let’s invite many more people to the party!